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Hosting & Speaking



Henry does something that most people can't.  He gets up in front of hundreds, thousands of people, and he entertains.  Henry's autism doesn't stop him from using his talents, in fact, it might just enable him to do something that for most people is debilitating.  

His Mom

In the early years of parenting Henry, his Mom discovered a few things. Like most people with autism, Henry had melt downs due to small changes in his routine.  His Mom started to notice that a melt down wasn't that different from how she wanted to react to change --  she just knew how to respond normally. She saw that big and small changes in her life really did make her want to flap and pound her head. She noticed that other people -- co-workers, friends, and family -- wrestled with change too, often choosing bitterness, despair or aggression.  Henry's autistic behaviors are a better way to than those options.   

What if autism isn't different from normal behavior? What if autism reveals our normal state?  She started to see when our ‘autism was showing’ and how the coping techniques she was giving Henry were beneficial to managing stress levels for everyone.   





What's the gift in autism?

What's the gift in autism?


From Henry you’ll gain

- confidence in your unique gifts

            - a new way of looking at life’s ups and down

From Henry’s Mom you’ll discover

            - your baseline reaction to change

            - lessons learned from autism that directly apply to how you process stress

As an added bonus

             - Henry brings joy wherever he goes  


Sharing stories. Changing Lives.

Sharing stories. Changing Lives.



Henry can host just about any event.  Actually, if you invite him to to an event, he'll host anyway.  His Mom teaches seminars, workshops and gives keynotes on these topics:  

Top 10 Autism Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life!

While we are super-connected, we’ve lost touch with how to connect with each other. And in this fast-paced, ever-changing world we’re searching for the tools that help navigate transition and keep stress at bay. Great news! We give those tools to kids with Autism so they can thrive in our world. In this inspiring and funny talk author and actress Alice Smetheram shares the stories and lessons on how to handle change and how to connect with each other learned from raising her son the #AutismTalkShowHost. Live or on video, Henry will entertain with the Top 10 in talk-show-host style, while Alice debriefs so that you come away with ways to re-connect and thrive in your work, your team, and your life.



Alice is a creativity & branding expert with a storytelling background.  She can lead your group on: 

Where Do I Fit In? Understanding the Creative Process

Discover your preferences in the creative process and free your creative powers. Not only will your creativity blossom, as a bonus you’ll understand your team members creative strengths (oops! and weaknesses) all designed for greater collaboration, increased innovation and more fun! 

Soulful Creativity

Using her book The Creative Life Alice leads you through a series of Imagination Exercises exploring the creative connection between your spirit and the Divine. While the book is written from a Biblical and Christian perspective, Alice adapts the principles for the spiritual understanding and practices of the group. 

What Actors Know

Go behind the scenes and learn tips from the actor’s toolkit that will boost your presentation, client interaction and guest service skills. Discover your moment before, how to play the opposites and how to be relaxed and energized when on the spot. This interactive seminar has benefitted healthcare professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and frontline employees.  

Tell Me A Story! 

Learn how to tell a great story whether in 140 characters or a powerpoint. Reaching your audience across a variety of platforms requires clarity of brand and compelling storytelling.  You’ll learn the structure of a great story and how you can use these techniques to share your brand. 

Engage Your Audience

Since 1990, Alice has been an improvisational storyteller and actor pulling unsuspecting audience members into the show and helping them improvise within a script that only Alice knows. Learn how to use these principles to improve your client and team interactions and engage your audience.