I started to get worried.  Henry is independent/not independent — he can be left alone, a true blessing, but he can’t make himself a sandwich or use the microwave without supervision. I feel confident/not confident about him being home alone.  I’m so proud of him that he can and I’m terrified that maybe he can’t.  The only way to find out is to leave him home alone, with a very stringent set of rules. 

One of the rules is that you MUST text me back.  You must respond.  So when I sent a text about what lunch was and where to find it, I expected a response.  I even saw the little text bubbles that meant he was typing.  I waited a few minutes and then the terror started to creep in.  I sent a second message, “Are you doing OK?”.  

That’s when the first of three messages on what I call The List came in.  Paragraph-long messages during which Henry lists what else I can pick up at the grocery store.  He even answers my desperate ‘are you ok’ message in the midst of The List. 

I love everything about how Henry communicates.  You can feel the joy of being independent.  Of being able to state what he wants in every food item, some of which he’s never eaten in his life — pork chops?  Please!  

Enjoy the freedom of asking for what you want and doing so in a delightful way, with a sign off in three languages.