Most Talk Shows take a fabulous trip to the Bahamas or Hawaii to do a week of shows.  Well, we are in exciting Rathdrum, Idaho off 41 in between the Lighting Bar and the old Spirit Lake dump.  Despite our GPS coordinates, or lack thereof, it is a fabulous locale, noted mostly for it's tranquility, beauty and neighbors who have known us since my father was a kid summering here.  

The famous Dana Brazil (see previous post) decided that Henry should do his show remote from our lake cabin and she would reply back from her vacation via Facebook Live.  Well, we don't really have enough bandwidth for a live broadcast but that's ok -- we recorded a video.  It took us 3 tries with our technological challenges, and then our cue card boy, Granddad, had a moment of floating into view but after a few edits we posted our first OCA Show from an exotic location.  Here's to many more!  Join us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with new episodes.  Tomorrow is the boat flotilla on the lake in honor of July 4th and I'm sure the color commentary will be riveting!