When Jimmy Fallon announced he was coming to Orlando to do The Tonight Show the first week in April, Henry assumed that Jimmy would also come on the OCA show, starring Henry Bass. And he assumed that he would go to Jimmy’s taping. 

He actually doesn’t assume. I’m not even sure how to use words that we would use to describe ourselves to describe Henry’s understanding of who he is. We go to therapy to discover who we are. We do the Work, we meditate, we read and go to workshops, we journal. We do all manner of things to figure out who we are.  

Henry doesn’t need to do that. He doesn’t discover. He is. He is a talk show host. And Jimmy Fallon is a talk show host. One hosts the OCA show and one hosts The Tonight Show. They are peers. 

Henry knows who he is. He has always known. Before he had a talk show to host, he hosted any event at which there was a stage. He hosted all day long at home. He still hosts all day long. He watched videos of his mentors David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno, Rosie, Ellen, Ben Stein, Alex Trebec, Pat Sajak, Al Roker and now he’s added Jimmy and Jimmy and Seth and Stephen. He re-enacted their openings and applied their styles to his own material.

For two years straight, every week, Henry told Coach Silvia Haas, the Executive Director of OCA, “I’m the host of the OCA Show in syndication, starring Henry!” Every week he would tell her the guests he was having on the show, including the musical guests. He wasn’t asking her to create a show. He was telling her that there was one. That the show did not yet exist was not a concern. Because it is. 

Repetitive behavior is a hallmark of autism, so Silvia and me and all of Henry’s teachers and relatives are used to the repetitive statements. It can be exhausting. It can be tiring. Or downright irritating. Sometimes we give in just because it’s so irritating. That’s not what happened in this case. Silvia texted me and said, “I’m going to make Henry’s dream come true and create the OCA show.” Because she realized what Henry knew all along. There was a show to be done, he was the host and it was something we all needed.

And he was not thrilled or grateful. He dream was already his reality. It just wasn’t ours yet. We’re the ones that don’t get it. We’re the ones that have to find things, find ourselves. We could learn a lot from Henry and how he views who he is and what he has to offer. We are not Henry’s peers. Not yet at least.

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