It was a big week for Henry, for me, well for us, really.  The first week of August usually means two things — Theater Week camp at OCA and my birthday. We added to that Henry’s third appearance on Real Radio’s 104.1 Monsters in the Morning. And as a bonus, we were interviewed on Dr. Phillips Center Podcast 'Arts For Every Life' and we created our Facebook Page, which I hope you’ll Like, and that you’ll like. Henry’s response to the week was to draw a picture of himself titled Wow. Congratulations.  

The adventure of being on the radio was unexpected and is producing unexpected results. We had the opportunity to be on Monsters in the Morning to talk about Dr. Phillips Center Florida Hospital School of the Arts and the many classes they have there that we participate in.  I’ll be honest — I just didn’t know how it would go. Henry live with an audience is his element.  But just audio?  Not sure.  No script? Hmmmm.  

His first segment was kind of amazing.  I remember a teacher once said about Henry, “He’s a fascinating case.” I have this response to him sometimes. Which may be a terrible thing for a mother to say, but he is endlessly fascinating. I’m always wanting to understand how his mind works --  sometimes it goes round and round a twist and then comes out as total brilliance…and other times it comes out and goes round another bend.  This was pretty much my experience with the radio show. He went into his talk show patter zone and off he went!  Lately, he talks about his friends a lot, weaving ‘friends’ into everything.  On the first radio show the patter went on and on about his friends and his friends and his audience.  Then somehow we got to his catch phrase — I’m Thinking About Me!  This was a huge hit.  But from the response of the radio audiences, it sounds like the twisting, talk-show host patter was also a hit.  Then we went to do a podcast for Dr. Phillips Center and the twisting began again, with the friends, but there was a landing spot that I only noticed on listening to it again.  He landed at least twice on ‘working on myself’.  

When he reincorporates an idea, that tells me that it’s important to him, that the idea has been moving around in his mind for a while.  And I think it’s fitting that as we launch this time in our lives, in his career, as we try new things, are available to different experiences and explore Henry’s talents that he could express ‘working on myself.’  Wow.  Congratulations. You are endlessly fascinating.